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Ultra Runner from Ottawa, Ontario, LAURA PAQUETTE

Laura’s race schedule for this season is amazing and her race times are testament to her dedication, will and great athletic abilities! "Fuelled by Tho'z Barz"

Laura’s race schedule and achievements for the 2015 season include ….
July 2015 - 50 miler! – 1st Place Female – Finger Lakes, New York State
September 2015 - 100 miler
October 2015 - 50 miler
November 2015 - 100 miler
February 2016 - 100km

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Spartan Racer from Edmonton, Alberta, BEN O’ROURKE

Ben’s race schedule for the season includes 5 Spartan races, a Rugged Maniac, Survivor mud run and a Tough Mudder. Challenging and dirty!

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Ultra Runner from Black Diamond, Alberta DAVE PROCTOR

Dave’s race schedule and achievements for the 2015 season includes World 24hr Championship, Sinister 7, Run Rabbit Run, and Across The Years. "Fuelled by Tho'z Barz"

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2015 EVENTS - Meet us there!

GOLD SPONSOR - Sinister 7 Ultra - 100 Mile BLAIRMORE, Alberta July 2015

GOLD SPONSOR - Black Spur Ultra - 50 & 100 km KIMBERLEY, BC Aug. 2015

Sorry, we will not be able to consider additional sponsorship opportunities at this time. We will be reviewing our commitments in the fall of 2015. Please stay in touch :)


Laura Paquette (in more detail)

Laura is an ultra marathon runner and running coach from the Ottawa area. Laura has been running ultras for the past 4 years, her most recent achievements include….

Ghost Train 50k and set a new course record!!
Virgil Crest 50k – 1st place
Sulphur Springs 100 mile – 1st place female, 1st place overall and new course record!!

Haliburton 100 – 1st place female
Sulphur Springs 100 – 1st place female
Trail Runner Trophy Series – 2nd place

Here’s what Laura has to say about Tho’z Barz:

Ultra running is a tough sport, and it is especially tough to pick the right nutrition! Ever since switching to Tho’z Barz in 2013, I never experience stomach upset during races or training. I absolutely LOVE the mango chocolate flavour, and couldn’t ask for a better tasting bar. Tho’z Barz has completely changed how I fuel during my races and training, and has made nutrition so simple. Each bar has the perfect balance of carbs, fats, sugars and calories. They are the perfect choice for runs of any distance, and can be consumed on-the-go so easily. They are soft, and delicious, NOT chewy or hard. Easy to eat while running! TRY Tho’z Barz – you’ll love them too!! Laura Perry

Here’s what Tho’z Barz has to say about Laura:

As a great new product, it is difficult to find the perfect niche! Tho’z Barz are many things … allergy friendly, delicious, small meal (breakfast – even lunch), delicious, soft-baked and so natural and, of course, delicious. Until we took the opportunity to sponsor a local annual race event known as ‘Sinister 7’ we didn’t really know what a great fit we are for the fuel needs in the athletic worlds. Laura sought us out after trying the bar in 2013 and we were so proud to be able to sponsor such an amazing athlete. We have found though that there is much more to Laura than her race times and we love the opportunity to help her though her challenges and to be part of her successes! Tho’z Barz Team


Ben O’Rourke (in more detail)

Born and raised in Ireland, Ben studied Health Promotion & Physical Activity and received his degree in 2010. He moved to Canada starting in Vancouver, B.C. and then on to Edmonton in 2011.
Ben always had a passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle. He played competitive soccer and still plays but his real passion now is running and OCR races. OCR racing takes the endurance of running, the agility of sport and strength of weightlifting all combined into one race. Racers are challenged to run anywhere from 5km to 25km through a variety of terrain including trails, road, mud, dirt and lots of hills. Along the course there are various obstacles that make the race more difficult. Some obstacles include wall climbs, bucket carries, atlas carries, hoists, rope climbs and fire jumps! It is a growing sport in both popularity and recognition globally.

“A friend suggested that I might like Spartan races so I give it a try and was instantly hooked!” Ben competed in races in Alberta and BC in 2014 and started his training and preparation for his challenging 2015 race year!

Ben has also initiated a fitness company called B-Fit. This includes bootcamps 3 times per week to help individuals achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Ben’s race schedule and achievements for the 2015 season include ….

April 4 = 5km race. Hosted by Mountain Equipment Co-op in Goldbar Park Edmonton.
Ben placed third with a terrific time of 20.48!

April 11 = 10km Kidney run and walk for life by United Cycle in Edmonton. Ben won the 10km with a time of 41.46! Very exciting!

May 8 & 9 = Spartan Beast (21+km with 35 obstacles) and Spartan Sprint (5km with 20 obstacles)! Ben qualified for the OCR World Championship, placing 27th in his age group!

Ben says, “This is a huge step towards my ultimate goals with OCR racing! Eventually I want to qualify for the Spartan world championship which requires a top 10 overall finish in an elite wave. This race in Montana showed my progress over the year and I will strive to achieve that top 10 finish!!”

June 27 & 28 = Elite wave of the Spartan Sprint was 6.8km, Ben placed 23rd overall on the 27th.

Ben’s boot camp team ‘B-Fit’ competed with a team of 20 on the 28th. A great round of ‘personal bests’ and great progress for the group! These race took place in Northern Alberta.

July 18 = Rugged Maniac (OCR) race in Calgary.

July 25 = “5 Peaks" Race 3, Camrose, Alberta.

September 5 = Tough Mudder (Team OCR event) in Drumheller.

September 12 & 13 = Elite Spartan Super (14+km) and Elite Spartan Sprint (5+km). Both races are in Red Deer, will be very competitive. Ben is hoping to improve on his Northern Alberta finish of 23rd and break the top 20!
October 18 = 5th of the race series hosted by Mountain Equipment Co-op. This race will be held at Whitemud park in Edmonton.

Here’s what Ben has to say about Tho’z Barz:

While planning my race season for 2015, I hoped to find a great energy bar to help fuel my training and long runs. Research brought me to learn about Tho’z Barz and I was very impressed by the ingredients and nutrition in the barz. After reaching out to Darlaine to propose a ‘sponsorship’ I was delighted when Tho’z Barz agreed to support me in my race efforts!

Once I introduced Tho’z Barz to my pre-workout snacking and during a long run, I found that I immediately had more energy and did not feel hungry during my races. On top of all that they are really tasty and moist – combined with great natural ingredients and you have fantastic Tho’z Barz – completely unique and delicious!

My pre-race routine now is a breakfast of porridge and a Tho’z Bar. I start out with the energy I need. Then, Tho’z Barz provides the perfect race fuel. I eat a full bar right before the race and bring along 5 of Tho’z Bitz size for continued energy for the longer distances. They work perfectly! I now eat 3 Bitz on the course with 4 dates each time and it really keeps my energy levels up!

Amazing snack all round! Friends, family and fellow athletes, who have tried Tho’z Barz love them because they are delicious and a great healthy snack choice. You should try them too – you’ll be impressed with the quality. - Ben O’Rourke

Here’s what Tho’z Barz has to say about Ben:

We are flattered to receive as many requests as we do from athletes looking for support – we wish we could and we try to sponsor events that help many participants as much as we can. From time to time, we receive a request that really stands out for us. Ben O’Rourke stands out!

His determination to succeed is obvious but his enthusiasm for his chosen sport is really compelling and we were excited to get on board with Ben. We are so glad to supply the fuel he needs and thrilled that we are actually helping him reach his peak performance level.

As we have gotten to know Ben, we are so glad he reached out to us. He is a bright spark that brings a great deal to those around him. GO – BEN – GO !!! - Tho’z Barz Team


Dave Proctor (in more detail)

I live in Black Diamond, AB, Canada. A small town about 30 min SW of Calgary nestled in the foothills. I am 34 and I've been married since 2004 to the love of my life Sharon. We have three crazy kids, Julia, Sam and Adele.

The kids, my massage therapy business and my love for running make sleep hard to come by. Yet somehow I seem to get by. I've been a practicing Massage Therapist since 2000 in downtown Calgary.

My passion for my work definitely bleeds into my love for running. The mechanics of the joints and soft tissues to react and move the human body quickly and efficiently leaves me only wanting to learn more and do more.

World 24hr Championship – Turin, Italy – April 2015
Finished 6th and completed 257.093K breaking the 25 year old Canadian record !!
Sinister 7 - 100 Mile – Crowsnest Pass, AB – July 11-12, 2015 - 1st PLACE!!!
Run Rabbit Run - 100 Mile - Steamboat Springs, CO – September 19, 2015
Across The Years - 72 hour - Scottsdale AZ – December 30, 2015

Here’s what Dave has to say about Tho’z Barz:

As a participant in the Sinister 7 race, July 2015, I received a Tho’z Bar in my registration package. I ate it on Leg 3 of the 100 mile race and I had only one regret “what – only one?”
It was “Bloody Awesome”. What a great product!

I was excited to learn that Tho’z Barz was a local company who really care about their ingredients and quality! After we realized we had mutual goals and values, I joined what is now the Tho’z Barz Team. That makes four of us who discovered Tho’z Barz and agree that it is the best bar available for runners and athletes!

I am glad to have included Tho’z Barz as ‘my eats’ as they are great for training and race fuel. Snacks too – my family loves them! I recommend Tho’z Barz – try them! -Dave Proctor

Here’s what Tho’z Barz has to say about Dave:

Our first introduction to Dave was at the Sinister 7 race in July 2015. We made sure he had a package of “Tho’z Bitz” on hand for his drive home… after all, he had just won the 100 mile ultra!

We got to know Dave over the weeks following the race and we are excited that Dave is now part of our Tho’z Barz Team of runners!

Dave has great goals for his upcoming runs and Tho’z Barz hopes to add fuel to help with his achievements.

In addition, Dave and his family visited our facility and we taught them all how to package Tho’z Barz. How cool is that! -Tho’z Barz Team

We proudly fuel exceptional Canadian athletes with wholesome natural energy! Click one of our sponsored athletes to learn more.

'Tho'z Barz Running Team'

Ben O’Rourke Laura Paquette Dave Proctor


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